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Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus

Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus

If nothing else, Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus is about flexibility. The nine CDs included in this package operate independently of one another, offering the user a learning environment that is customizable based on topic–and how much they want to learn–and on the learner’s level of understanding.

We were impressed immediately with the ease of use and simplicity of design: the program offers a quick overview to the Professor Teaches environment, and the interface is intuitive and inviting. And from disc to disc the format is consistent: you may jump in at any point between “What is Excel?” to more advanced techniques. Each application disc begins with a menu of around a dozen topics of increasing complexity. Each topic’s lesson designates an approximate time for completing the lesson, as well the number of pages the lesson is comprised of.

Like many other tutorial packages out there, Professor Teaches offers information in bite-size pieces, highlighting how to accomplish tasks in the particular application. But this package goes above and beyond the more common textbook approach of many software-based tutorials by offering interactive screen shots of Word, Excel, and the other represented applications. The package systematically walks the user through tasks by showing and doing, not just telling.

One point that could be a pro or a con lies in the package’s approach to the Office XP environment in comparison with earlier editions of Office and Windows. There is very little in the way of “What’s new in XP?” This could very well benefit the new Office user who doesn’t have previous exposure; however, as more experienced Office users looking to learn a few tips on the newer version, we found this aspect to be pretty frustrating. Additionally, advanced users should not expect to learn expert techniques or new ways of using these packages; the material stops far short of delving into any complexities.

Other features of the package will round out your learning. A comprehensive glossary offers critical word and phrase definitions, while an extensive index allows you to search for and retrieve very specific information. Glossary terms are also available throughout each lesson in the form of highlighted words; clicking on these results in a pop-up definition. And finally, the bookmark feature allows you to tag certain pages for later recall.

The only areas where we thought the Professor Teaches package fell short or could be improved were in the inability to customize the learning environment (such as enlarging fonts) and in the complete lack of reference to keyboard shortcuts and the usefulness of the Tab key. Aside from these minor concerns, this package is most definitely appropriate for those wanting to make a foray into this latest version of Windows and Office. –Emilie HerbstProfessor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus is a complete multimedia training program for all the leading Microsoft applications. Nine separate tutorials on nine CD-ROMs teach you beginning to advanced features of Office XP software, Windows Me, 2000, 98, and Internet Explorer. Each program offers hundreds of practical exercises designed to build essential skills quickly and effectively. Step-by-step how-to instructions make learning easy.

Each CD-ROM features more than 50 learning topics for all the software programs. Learn how to create documents, workbooks, presentations, databases, and more. The lessons allow you to practice what you learn in a realistic simulation of the Office XP environment. Helpful narration, colorful graphics, and easy-to-follow instructions make learning fun. The CD-ROMs feature easy-to-use main menus so you can learn new skills whenever you want, in whatever order you want. Quiz questions at the end of each chapter reinforce learning.

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4 Responses to " Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus
    The Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus is a valuable tool for people new to the programs or those with a good deal of experience. The work is introduced at a good pace and is explained well from the first lesson to the last.

  2. Charles Ashbacher says:

    Review by Charles Ashbacher for Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus
    The nine main lessons in this package are each on a separate CD. The lessons are:

    1) Word 2002

    2) Excel 2002

    3) Access 2002

    4) PowerPoint 2002

    5) Outlook 2002

    6) Internet Explorer 5.5

    7) Windows Me

    8) Windows 98

    9) Windows 2000.

    Each of the lesson groups is further subdivided into several sub-lessons, all of which take a substantial amount of time. For example, the lessons for Word and the estimated times to completion are:

    1) Introduction to Word, 90 minutes.

    2) Creating and Editing Text, 90 minutes.

    3) Formatting text, 90 minutes.

    4) Working with layout and design, 80 minutes.

    5) Enhancing documents, 80 minutes.

    6) Tables, printing and web pages, 90 minutes.

    The estimated times for the other lessons are comparable.

    I found the time estimates to be very reasonable averages. I generally completed them in about ten minutes less than the given time. The lessons are composed of a series of screenshots, at times you click on the next button to move on and other times you click or double-click on the appropriate section of the screenshot. This mimics what would happen if you were using the product. Each lesson is narrated, and the voice moves at a slow steady pace, well within the bandwidth of any listener. There is a summary at the end of each lesson followed by a short, scored quiz.

    While these applications have far too much functionality to be completely covered in over nine hours, the coverage is reasonable. I regularly teach in the community education department of the local community college and the coverage is similar to what is done in our comparable classes of sixteen hours.

    Each lesson also contains a glossary that allows you to click on a term and see the definition in a text field. It is also possible to click on a letter and move to the segment of the glossary that begins with that letter. There is also a subject index, where you can double click on an entry and the lesson segment that covers that topic will run.

    While at times it may move slower than you like, these lessons are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of these applications. You can move at your own pace, skip what you find dull and go back to what you didn’t understand. Moving on by clicking or double-clicking the appropriate location in the image gives it a realism that other CD based tutorials lack. It can be used for self-study, supplemental reinforcement or as a primary learning tool in a formal class.

    Published in Mathematics and Computer Education, reprinted with permission.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus
    Maybe it is because I have spent much of my working life training people to work using a computer that I dislike this package so much. It is very superficial training for a new person. There is no training by actually doing outside of minimal entries in answer to a queston. One certainly does not feel “educated” after completing the course. Many aspects are ignored and there is no manual to use to pursue a greater understanding of what is not covered.

  4. Jeanne Roy says:

    Review by Jeanne Roy for Professor Teaches Microsoft Office XP Plus
    Professor teaches Office XP was a great choice for me. I needed to polish up on my Microsoft Office skills because I’m looking for a new job. I’m an administrative assistant. Word and Excel are staples, but I wanted to know more about Access and Powerpoint in order to “sell myself” to a prospective employer. Also, getting tested for PC skills before hiring is now commonplace. In 9 days (one disk per day), I brushed up on Excel and Word, and I feel very confident about being tested on Powerpoint, Outlook and Access! And I can also say that I know the latest features offered by Office XP!

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