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Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)

Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)

  • ISBN13: 9780240520643
  • Condition: New
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Brimming with beautiful pictures, this successful book guides you through a project-based, progressive curriculum so that you can build all the essential skills to enhance photographs creatively and professionally with Photoshop CS3. If you are an aspiring professional, enthusiastic amateur photographer, or a student learning photography, digital imaging, art and design, or design graphics, you’ll be amazed at the stunning results you can achieve!

New! DVD is included FREE. Additional learning materials include * full-resolution, royalty-free images to download for trying-out your new techniques * over 8 hours of QuickTime movie tutorials to support the practical projects * Presets from layer styles to curves, shapes, and gradients * indispensable RAW files for editing practice

And don’t miss the companion website with updates, practice material, and more at www.photoshopessentialskills.com!

“The perfect companion guide for Photoshop users of multiple levels.”
Photoshop Creative Magazine

“This book provides excellent coverage of Photoshop as a digital darkroom tool, as well as covering a truly amazing amount of background information. It is very readable and is truly a gem.”
Mark Lewis, Director, Mount Saint Mary College, USA

The Essential Skills Photography Series from Focal Press uniquely offers a structured learning experience for photographers of all ages, with both the underlying theory and loads of invaluable ‘how to’ and real-life practice projects – all from the most talented photography practitioners/educators in the world.

Each subject includes:

* learning objectives for each section – for class use or self-study
* color images of student and teacher/author work
* activities to check learning outcomes
* assignments to put theories into creative practice
* full glossary of terms

Other titles in the series:
Studio Photography: Essential Skills by John Child, Photographic Lighting: Essential Skills by John Child and Mark Galer and Digital Photography in Available Light by Mark Galer.

*An affordable resource that distills the complexity of Photoshop CS3 to the essentials
* Retouch photographs, create makeovers, produce sophisticated montages, and create special effects with clear, step-by-step projects
* Practice with activities that show the ‘why’, along with the ‘how-to’
* Follow a structured learning approach to gain fundamental skills…and more

Rating: (out of 22 reviews)

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Price: $ 19.75

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5 Responses to " Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills) "

  1. Joseph C. Hoffman says:

    Review by Joseph C. Hoffman for Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)
    I have read four other books on the new Photoshop CS3 – all of which quickly became too complicated. After all, I want to produce excellent pictures with my Nikon 80D SLR, and am learning Photoshop CS3 from scratch, but other writers seem compelled to include, in books labelled as introductory, the most arcane or esoteric features of this magnificent software. They do so while neglecting basic issues like capturing and enhancing a RAW picture for transmitting across the web.

    So I was relieved to find this 430-page book, which begins with “Digital Basics” and waits until P375 to deal with “Posterization” and suchlike. Check Amazon’s “Search Inside” feature and look at the Contents. You’ll see that this is a book for photographers, as well as professional web designers, for example. It is even more attractively designed than most, and is accompanied by a DVD with loads of useful information (readily accessible in spite of one odd review here). The DVD has more than eight hours of instruction by the authors in subjects ranging in complexity from the use of simple hand tools to montage and special-effects.

    The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and (unlike other books on the subject) contain no glaring errors of fact or syntax. The authors have clearly taken care to avoid careless editing. Hence my gratitude extends to writing this complimentary review!

  2. R. Weber says:

    Review by R. Weber for Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)
    Galer presents a really useful set of teaching tools: A fine set of DVD movie tutorials and exercise images accompany a well-written book. I cycle between the book, the movies, and doing the exercises–all of which are complementary. Be prepared, however, to go over the same material multiple times. Some of the concepts are not easy, but there is a real sense of accomplishment when you see how something works. I have several CS3 books, and I like this one best.

  3. S. Lam Hau Ching says:

    Review by S. Lam Hau Ching for Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)
    This book is very well featured and user friendly. It definitely provides great coverage of Adobe Photoshop CS3, mastering every techniques covered in a project by project basis which is very simple to learn.

    A free DVD is also included with lots and lots of great short movies to support the practical projects, and also great royalty-free images for you to practice your photoshop skills. I’d certainly recommend it to everyone, and at that very cheap price, it’s a steal !!!

  4. Rajiv Verma says:

    Review by Rajiv Verma for Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)
    I have the Scott Kelby book for CS2 and I was debating between this and the Scott Kelby for CS3. Glad I chose this. I am kind of in the learning mode for the PhotoShop and Scott’s book though good, lacked some of the basics that this book covers well. I loved the videos on the DVD which takes you through some of the techniques also given in the book – but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” – so the video should be worth more – it is!

    Highly recommended for beginners as well as advance level photographers/enthusiasts.

  5. C. J. Fink says:

    Review by C. J. Fink for Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills (Photography Essential Skills)
    I found this book to be well written for the newcomer to Photoshop as well as for those of us who want to learn about the nuances of the new bells and whistles in CS3.

    The disk that comes with the book is a real plus and the tutorials are great.Photoshop CS3 Essential Skills

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