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Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)

Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)

  • 30+ classic card games including everything from solitaire to 7-card stud
  • Tutorial mode and in-game strategy and rule book
  • Adjustable skill levels so you can start as amateur and play like a pro
  • 10 interactive characters; customize your character with facemaker feature
  • Earn Hoyle Bucks that allow you to earn new content

Deal yourself in! Whatever your favorite card game, Hoyle puts you right in the middle of the action. With Hoyle Card Games, you’ll learn to hold’em and fold’em like a pro with insightful in-game tutorials and strategy guides. So shuffle the cards and deal yourself in for hours of fun. Hoyle Card Games contains 18 classic card games and teaches you the official rules “according to Hoyle.”

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List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 3.99

5 Responses to " Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case) "

  1. L. Korff says:

    Review by L. Korff for Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)
    This game cd is well worth buying. I love playing cards and there are many choices of games available. I also liked the interaction features. I choose what “characters” to play with and even create my own persona. It’s almost like playing cards with real people! I consider this to be the best card game cd on the market. Additionally, once it is on your computer, you can play without inserting the cd. This is great!

  2. C. Throckmorton says:

    Review by C. Throckmorton for Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)
    This software is great. Microsoft only gives you one version of Solitaire. I now have 50 versions, plus many other card games. I am afraid I have become addicted to playing the games. Hours pass without notice. I definitely recommend this product.

  3. Trevor Lowing says:

    Review by Trevor Lowing for Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)
    First, the install is counter-intuitive. When you run the install CD you have to figure out to click the “Hoyle” Banner running across the screen instead of “Install”. Also had issues with this thing eating CPU cycles and overheating a P4 Dell. I suspect a memory leak. The support is pretty weak too. But the game looks nice while it is running. Turns you computer into a lovely space heater.

  4. TD says:

    Review by TD for Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)
    This is a neat tool to hone your skills but does not duplicate playing conditions.

    Luck and skill are main ingredients to any card game. The problem the software makers had was that, unlike in chess software, the computer card player in this software is not smarter than the average human player. So, the software creates an “equal” playing field by stacking the deck in favor of the computer opponent(s). In the case of partner playing, the human partner’s computer partner plays a notch or two under the skill level of the computer opponents. So, the software “levels the playing field” by giving the opposing team better cards and a less skillful computer opponent.

    I used this software primarily to play Canasta. What I found was that at the highest opening meld level (120 points), the computer team had little or no problem coming up with the opening meld 50% or more of the time. In contrast, the human-computer team came in easily about 10% of the time. So, based on the luck of the initial deal the computer team had a 5 to 1 advantage.

    Also, as the game progresses the human led team gets far fewer wildcards (about 20% vs. 80% for the computer team). At the end of each hand the computer team rarely had wildcards left in their hand, the human players’ computer partner often did and thus did not play as “smart” as the other computer players.

    The bottom line is:

    1. This is a fine tool to hone your thinking/strategy skills because you play with the deck stacked against you (especially as the hands proceed toward the end of each game).

    2. It does not duplicate real playing conditions. If you would get frustrated by the luck of the draw being mostly against you and having a computer partner who plays dumber than the computer opponents, you might want to think twice about getting this software.

  5. Augusta D. Eller says:

    Review by Augusta D. Eller for Hoyle Card Games (Jewel Case)
    I bought 2 copies of this game. It installed and runs fine on my brother’s Dell desktop running Windows Vista. It installed and runs fine on my Toshiba laptop running Windows XP. It will not install or run on my HP Pavilion desktop running Windows XP. Previous versions of this game and other Hoyle games installed and work fine but not this one.

    I would not recommend purchasing this product if you have an HP computer and don’t have a laptop or desktop of another brand to play it on.

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