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Flash Professional 8 Essential Training Reviews

Flash Professional 8 Essential Training

Flash Professional 8 Essential Training with Shane Rebenschied teaches new users how to use the drawing tools, swatches, and color panels in Flash 8. The course walks learners through animation processes, and how to integrate type, graphics, audio, and video. Shane teaches you how to use ActionScript for common projects such as creating slide shows, pop-up menus, and scrolling text. The training ends with instruction on how to publish to the Web or CD-ROM.

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List Price: $ 99.95

Price: $ 99.95

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  1. Leigha says:

    Review by Leigha for Flash Professional 8 Essential Training
    I am already a Flash user but I picked up this title anyway because I always learn so much from Shane and knew he would help me learn all I need to know about this new version of Flash.

    Once again he made it simple and fun to learn. I came away knowing so much about this new version and had absolutely NO issues moving my projects and working in Flash 8.

    His instruction was clear and to the point with detailed yet easy examples and fun exercises. You will not find yourself doing a lot of backtracking or spending a lot of time going over the same movie tutorial trying to “get it”. You will move through lessons smoothly and come away feeling comfortable diving into Flash 8.

    I highly recommend this title.

  2. Riccardo Audano says:

    Review by Riccardo Audano for Flash Professional 8 Essential Training
    For every kind of learning experience nothing beats having a “live” teacher illustrating the subject matter with his voice and actions, but this is even more important for learning a “visual” software tool like Flash. Learning Flash is not much about absorbing deep and intricated concepts that a well written book could expose at best, but mostly about learning to DO things, like drawing, or using the various capabilities the software has to offer. Books are nice & useful, but it’s quite painful having to read pages of text just to know where the lasso tool is, and what it does. As next best thing to being in a classroom with an experienced teacher, comes having a series of video tutorials like in this title. And I have to say Shane Rebenschied has done an outstanding job. You can feel he knows what he is talking about, but at the same time he shows infinite clarity and patience (which is not true for example, for 3DMax guru George Maestri). I teach for a living so take my word on this: Shane is a kick ass teacher. Just let me point out that this title is really about the basics…the interface and main tools, drawing, symbols, graphics, animation, shape and motion tweens, text, button, movie clips, and a little bit of actionscript to give you basic control over your movie clips. At the end of this title you will be able to build simple movies like slide shows or basic animations , even add a preloader bar, create a dynamic menubar but you won’t be nowhere near to building your own website. You will anyway get a solid and really painless intro to Flash foundations. My only gripe is about the outrageous price.. 140 bucks for 2 CD when an equivalente book would cost about $40?

    The video course should cost LESS since you are even saving paper (and trees).

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