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Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom

Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom

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Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom is like having a personal instructor guiding readers through each lesson, while they work at their own pace. This book includes 13 self-paced lessons that let readers discover essential skills and explore new features and capabilities of Adobe Flash Professional. Every lesson is presented in full color with step-by-step instructions. Learning is reinforced with video tutorials and lesson files on a companion DVD that were developed by the same team of Adobe Certified Instructors and Flash experts who have created many of the official training titles for Adobe Systems. Each video tutorial is approximately five minutes long and demonstrates and explains the concepts and features covered in the lesson. This training package shows the basics of using the program, such as using layers and instances to build animation sequences, as well as advance features, such as using ActionScript to create interactive Web page components. Jam-packed with information, this book and DVD takes users from the basics through intermediate level topics and helps readers find the information they need in a clear, approachable manner.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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5 Responses to " Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom "

  1. Diamond Nikonian says:

    Review by Diamond Nikonian for Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom
    I have been playing with Flash on and off for some time. Until now I have not been able to put all the pieces together. There are some great books out there that provide more detail on the basics of Flash which I think one needs to better understand Flash and better understand the lessons in this book. There and other great books that show you how to master Flash but they are more advanced and are focused primarily on pure animation within Flash. This book pulls it all together. Concepts I thought I understood before are much clearer now. If you are a web developer and not a graphic designer you will find the examples very practical. This was one of those technical books that inspired me and I found I put off other work just so I could get to the next chapter.

  2. Monica Surrency says:

    Review by Monica Surrency for Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom
    Working in the Higher Education field, I use Flash for multiple purposes. One way is to create items for online learning environments. I am also and adjunct instructor who teaches students to use flash for website and multimedia creation. I have been using flash since 2002, but every new version offers new features and interface changes. Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom is a wonderful tool for me to make the transition from CS3 to CS4. The book is very organized, making it easy to find the topic I need. The book provides practical lessons for beginners in flash, or advanced users transitioning into CS4.

    As in instructor, this book is a wonderful tool for students with different learning styles. The students can open files provided on the accompanying DVD, and follow along with the step-by-step instructions containing wonderful images for visual demonstrations. At the end of each chapter are review Q&A’s for self-evaluation.

    The supplemental videos on the DVD are a great way for students to learn at their own pace. This is wonderful for students who may have missed something in class, or just need to spend more time to go over the lesson. The concise videos not only demonstrate how to do something, but provide explanations of why that particular step is done.

    This book is a great tool for teaching and learning Flash for all levels of users.

  3. John Donahue says:

    Review by John Donahue for Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom
    This Flash CS4 Professional tutorial helped me bridge the gap between my traditional print-world experience, and taking advantage of the interactive world of Flash CS4. The lessons are self-paced, and the DVD helped me reinforce my new Flash skills, or take a few minutes to review areas where I still needed some work.

    This is the fourth book I’ve used in the Digital Classroom series. The pace is always perfect. And Flash CS4 helped explain everything from animation sequences to the opportunities of ActionScript.

    Digital Classroom Flash CS4 showed me the Light!

  4. Diane Cipollo says:

    Review by Diane Cipollo for Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom
    This book by Fred Gerantabee and the AGI Creative Team is a great book if you are learning Flash or just want to learn how to use the new features in Flash CS4 Pro. This book is sectioned into 15 lessons beginning with an introduction to Flash, a touch of ActionScript and ending with advanced animation techniques.

    If you are a beginner, start each lesson by viewing the matching video tutorial found on the book’s DVD. It will familiarize you with the tools and techniques that you will be using in the lesson. Then you will find the step-by-step lessons easier to follow. Besides the video tutorials, the authors included a “putting it all together” section to show how the techniques being discussed work together. Most of the lessons are project-based, which is a good way to learn something new.

    There are some significant changes to Flash CS4. The authors discuss the new UI, Deco and Spray Brush drawing tools, as well as the new 3D tools, Alignment panel and importing native Photoshop and Illustrator graphics. They also introduce the new animation tools including Motion Presets, Motion Editor and IK tools.

    After the introduction, the authors give you practice with the drawing tools, text, colors, layers and all the basics for creating objects on the stage. Next, you start a web banner project and prepare for animation by discussing symbols, the Flash Library and how to organize your movie assets. Your next project is an animated ad featuring a worm. You will use the new Deco and Spray Brush tools to create symbols and then use the Bone tool to make the worm posable, in preparation for adding IK and animation. Finally, you are ready to learn Flash’s new object-based frame by frame animation with a web banner project. But, the authors also cover the old type of Flash animation, now called Classic Tween. In the advanced animation project, you will add filters, 3D, easing and learn to create your own motion presets. When adding IK in your animations, you learn to use the new Bone and Bind tools, Shape Hints and Armature layers.

    Most beginner-level books on Flash include an introduction to ActionScript and the authors discuss some of the most common tasks that a beginner might encounter such as programming a button to control the main Timeline. Using a simple animation project, they demonstrate step by step how to control the playback of both the Timeline and individual movie clips. They show the readers how to use both Script Assist and how to code ActionScript. The last projects include background sound, button synced with sound effects and video.

    The AGI Creative Team teaches classes and authors books on many aspects of creative software.

  5. dadd75 says:

    Review by dadd75 for Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom
    Having never used Flash, being 52 years young, I can really say this book is very good at teaching Flash CS4 fundamentals. Flash for Dummies does not even rate against this book. I went through the Dummies book first, but got so much more out of the digital classroom book.

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