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Finale 2008/2009 Tutorial DVD

Finale 2008/2009 Tutorial DVD

  • 156 videos with a running time of over 8.5 hours
  • Comprehensive video presentations from basic note entry through Score Setup and production
  • Perfect for anyone learning Finale or wanting to enhance your Finale skills
  • Produced with Finale 2008 and 2009
  • Presented by author and composer Paul Gilreath

The Finale Tutorial DVD is a comprehensive video presentation developed for the beginner and the intermediate Finale user to help develop and refine your Finale skills. Perfect for teachers, students, composers, orchestrators and all musicians. From basic entry to advanced page layout, these videos offer a powerful way to learn. Finale is used all over the world, due to its sheer power and output quality. But this power comes at a price–a huge learning curve. Even seasoned users don’t often know the entire scope of the software. We hope this product changes that. The Finale Tutorial is produced to provide a start to finish guide on how to use the software. Score setup, note entry, mark entry, score layout–and much more. The tutorial shows you how to use Finale in a logical manner that will increase your skills and decrease the time necessary to achieve tasks.
The presentation is by author and composer Paul Gilreath. Paul has written music for feature films, television, video games and the concert stage and he is the author of the best selling book, The Guide to MIDI Orchestration. Paul presents the Finale Tutorial material in a relaxed, easy to understand manner.
The Finale Tutorial DVD includes 156 video presentations with a running time of almost 9 hours! And the tutorial runs directly from the DVD using a custom Flash player, so no installation is necessary on your computer. The videos are captured and produced in a large 960×600 format. This means that the videos did not have to be resized for production. The result is crystal clear videos and the screen captures will be the same size as your Finale software running on your system. The videos show live action screen captures as well as superimposed live video.
The videos are primarily produced using Finale 2008 but videos demonstrating the major 2009 enhancements are also provided, so this is a perfect product for both the 2008 user and anyone wanting to upgrade to Finale 2009.

Price: $ 8.95

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