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ActionScript 2.0 Beyond the Basics Reviews

ActionScript 2.0 Beyond the Basics

ActionScript 2.0 Beyond the Basics with Joey Lott is a video-based tutorial designed to help experienced ActionScript users learn how to use the more advanced features of this powerful scripting language for developing applications. This tutorial covers using the ActionScript 2.0 API with classes such as Color, String, and Date; highly effective yet little known features such as the Drawing API, LocalConnnection, and SharedObject; and using a third party regular expression class to add impressive text searching capabilities to applications. You’ll also learn how to use object-oriented design as you write ActionScript 2.0 classes, and how to create Flash components combining the benefits of classes with movie clips. While this training title was recorded in the Flash MX 2004 interface, it is appropriate for users of Flash 8 as well. Exercise files accompany the tutorial, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

List Price: $ 89.97

Price: $ 89.97

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